mandag 4. juli 2011

"Skogsløpet" 2011 vintage motorcycle rally

Been too busy working with the house/ garage projects to keep the blog updated.
And, I haven't had much time to go riding either.

But, I made the Skosløpet this year, although I went alone since neither the K-750 (Dnepr) or the rider(Eva) was ready for the 1100+ kilometer weekend ride.  After working overtime and a visit to a customer to sign some papers, I finally left the customer located outside Oslo at 20:00 in the evening.
  It rained pretty bad from Jevnaker until Lillehammer, had to follow a trailer to stay on the road.
The riding boot is no longer waterproof, but the gloves did keep the rain out for a long time.
From lillehammer the rain got lighter, and it stopped raining when passing Tretten at midnight. 
Since I was already wet, I decided to keep riding.  It really doesn't get real dark early in the summer, but there could be more critters (moose etc.) on the road.
  Due to the wet pants, going over the Ringebu mountain was painful. The legs got so cold I could feel stings.

Arrived at the rally site at 02:30.  I brought my summer sleeping bag, so it was some really cold 3 nights in the tent (not a trekking/ mountain tent either..)

But the rally/ meeting was very good despite the rain and cold weather.  We stayed clear of the rain on the saturday rideout, and the wet gravel roads were a delight to ride on.  Alhough it was a bumpy ride for those riding bikes without a proper rear suspension. The chief's plunger suspension works pretty good.

Some pictures from the meeting.

Restored BP gasstation from 1955(?) just outside the rally site, used for rally registration.

Some of the late model indians present, up in the mountains during saturday's ride:

1195 metres above sea level, and climbing..

 1917(?) Excelsior on the gravel roads: