torsdag 10. mars 2011

New camcover and testing some cams...

The camcover which came with the '44 chief was damaged in transport some 12 years ago, as the motor was shipped to a rebuilder.  Over time the repair weld has loosened up, causing the steel insert for the rear cam to spin.  Loctite (green) worked for several years, but eventually it loosened up again. 
Since I already had a later camcase cover available, I installed that instead while searching for a new wraparound type camcover.  Apart from being the correct camcover for this model, I also thinks it looks better.  But the wraparound type cover also covers parts of the cylinder base, and makes it more difficult to see oilleaks etc.

New camcover

I will need the later style camcover for the '47 project soon. 
While the camcover was off, I decided to install some factory(?) racecams I got from ebay some years back.
They are mounted on the earlier type camgears (I'm no expert on the early stuff), and some of the experts think it's somekind of a late 1920's schunk cam.  The cams slightly resembles a "hooker" cam. I hope the modern reinforced cam followers won't see too much wear.

A "bit more" duration and different timing with the new cams, but slightly less lift than the Kiwi bonnie cam shown on the right side.

Starting the bike was a bit difficult, but as soon as there was gas in the intake the engine fired.
The bike got harder to start after putting in a foam type airfilter, the K&N filter actually shrunk due to the excess gasoline flowing back to the filter when starting the bike. Will put in a new filter.
When there is gas fumes in the cylinders, the bike starts very easy.

Since I started the bike in a closed garage, the old garage door being blocked and sealed for the winter cold, the engine sound doesn't sound right with a cellphone microphone.  It sounds much better in real life, and I can'te tell any difference in valve train noise.  But I need to take it for a ride I think.  It sound meaner after installing these cams...and the exhaust push a bit more air..:)  Need to glue the wallpaper to the wall again...

What do you think ?

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